Weird Fitness Gardgets on Steven & Chris

Show: Steven & Chris
Date: March 14, 2012
Theme: Funny Fitness Gadgets

So on Steven & Chris, they had some weird fitness gadgets!  I really want to get the sauna tent.  My mom is planning on getting one, so hopefully if she does I can try it and let you know what I think!  The couch bike seemed like the most ridiculous, since really, how far can you go?

So first up is the

Infrared Vibration Super Chi Machine

With this machine, you sit on your back and put your ankles on the machine and it sways your body in a wave like motion.  I have actually tried a machine like this and I liked it!  It loosened up my back.  I don’t think it does much in terms of exercise, and you might as well just swing your arms and walk in place for a few minutes of you want to get your circulation going.  The machine claims the swaying acts like a full-body massage to stimulate circulation, provide pain relief and as a form of passive exercise. From Effortless Health for $449.  I found one on Amazon called the Chi Vitalizer. It doesn’t look like it has the infrared, but seems like a better price!

Next, we have the

Portable Home Steam Sauna Tent

I really wanted one, ever since I saw the 2 Broke Girls Episode where they are on “Spring Break” and they love this sauna!  My mom is looking to getting one, so like I said, hopefully I can give it a try. Portable Foldable Spa Sauna

Now we have the

Treadmill Bike

Totally ridiculous!  Steven and Chris seemed to have fun on it. Their website says “This tongue-in-cheek bike was made from spare parts by cycle-lover Brent Curry”. The Bicycle Forest, email for rental rates.

And from the same crazy people we have the


Love your sofa so much you can’t think of being away from it?  Well don’t worry couch potato!  Just sit down and bike around your living room. The Bicycle Forest, email for rental rates.

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